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Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage d'Alice Munro (2001)

And yet-an excitement. The unspeakable excitement you feel when a galloping disaster promises to release you from all responsibility for your own life. Then for shame you must compose yourself and stay very quiet. (pàg. 60)

He was about Helen’s age, she thought. Seventeen or eighteen. Slim and graceful and cocky, with an ingenuous enthusiasm that would probably not get him as far as he hoped. (pàg. 78)

I was now, puffing on my cigarette and trying to hold it in a nonchalant way, though it seemed to have grown to the size of a baseball bat between my fingers. (pàg. 89)

He took her up on it, he shouted yes. He wanted never to be away from her. She had the spark of life (pàg. 277)

He had never presented flowers to Fiona before. Or to anyone else. He entered the building feeling like a hopeless lover or a guilty husband in a cartoon. (pàg 288)

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